2nd EMDR Asia Conference, Manila, Philippines – 2014

05-08-2013 15:25

Entre 09 e 14 de Janeiro de 2014 vai decorrer em Manila nas Filipinas a 2ª Conferência EMDR Ásia

Para mais informação por favor consulte  https://emdr-asia.org/conferences-meetings/


Mensagem de Francine Shapiro

Dear Colleagues,
The EMDR Asia Conference of 2014 is a testament to the dedication of it’s leadership and members.  The meeting will take place on the 25th year since the publication of my first randomized study.  This year, the World Health Organization recognized EMDR therapy as a frontline treatment for children, adolescents and adults suffering from PTSD.   This endorsement will open the doors to more expansive use of EMDR therapy throughout the world and help alleviate the suffering of those who have too long been without help or hope.  I celebrate your commitment to bringing together clinicians and researchers throughout Asia to provide healing to all in need of it.  The lives you touch will shine a light through generations to come.

Francine Shapiro, PhD